In the previous grades, we learned a lot about different climates, climatic zones, flora and fauna of the respective regions, etc. Before getting into the chapter, let us discuss a few things here. Now, when I say 'Ooty', what comes to your mind immediately? The cool climate and picturesque beauty of nature, am I right? Now, if I say 'Vellore', what comes to your mind immediately? Hot sun and dry climate.
Do you know that apart from influencing the soil, plants grown and animals found in a region, climate also influences people's lives from their food habits to clothes, culture, etc.? Now, let's compare two different sets of people living in two different places to understand the same.

It is May month, Naveen came from the USA to spend his vacation in his grandpa's house in Chennai, Tamil nadu. Here, he always wears cotton clothes. His grandma gives him buttermilk, lemonade, watermelon etc., to beat the summer heat in Chennai.

In the same month previous year, when he was in his uncle's house in New Zealand, his uncle and aunt were wearing a fleece jacket, jeans, gloves and socks, and they used to have hot dishes like sandwiches, salmon, oatmeal, soups etc. Last year he celebrated his birthday in winter whereas, this year in summer. This is because the two events we were discussing took/taking place in two different hemispheres and two different weather conditions.

So from the above example, it is clear that weather and climate influence human beings' activities like food habits, clothing, type of shelter (house), livelihood activities, even playtime. Therefore, in this chapter, we will gain knowledge on weather and climate, its elements and how they influence our lifestyle.