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Tropical Savanna grasslands are large flat expanses of grasslands with few trees. This is a transition region found between tropical forests and deserts. Tropical Savanna biomes are confined within the tropics (i.e. between \(10° to 20°\) Noth and South latitudes). These grasslands are found in the Sahel, south of Sahara in East Africa and in Australia. Savanna is most extensive in Africa.
This biome is generally hot and dry. Rainfall in this region is not enough for the big trees to grow. But, the grass which grows here is tall and sharp. This landscape is typified by tall grasses and short trees. Hence, the chief occupation of the people found here is herding. The primitive people living here are nomadic.
Savanna grasslands are converted into farmlands at an increased rate which poses a great threat to the wide range of fauna. For example, the population of the big cats like a cheetah, lion etc., are dwindling drastically.
The savanna, particularly in Africa, is the home of a wide range of wild animals. It is known as the 'Big game country'. Each year thousands of animals are trapped or killed by people from all over the world.
A herd of zebras grazing in the African savanna
Fauna: Lion, leopard, tiger, deer, zebra, giraffe etc.
Flora: Rhodes grass, red oats grass, lemongrass etc.
The Masai tribes are nomadic inhabiting savanna grasslands. The cattle reared by these tribes are used for their milk and blood. They will not slaughter the cattle for their food. Masai tribesmen drink the blood as well as milk of their animals.