Prehistoric people – The Pioneers:
The advent of the new age and technology which enables us to acquire knowledge was not brought into place on a single day. It is a result of the constant evolution of the process called cognition, which was started ages and we are witnessing its ripening and are reaping its benefits.
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Prehistoric people
The seeds of creative knowledge were sown by our ancestors who can also be known as the peoples of the Prehistoric period. The evidence of cognitive progression has been witnessed during their times with the kind of tools they possessed and the knowledge they displayed through their Town planning, agriculture etc.
The Inception of the Earth:
The earth came into existence approximately \(4.54 billion years \)ago. Slowly through the process of geological evolution living beings came to life. The origin of plants, reptiles and amphibians slowly paved way for the birth of Human beings.
1 Billion: This is equal to \(100 crores. \) 
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The Geological timescale.
The life of human being is interconnected with the earth. The earth has its own biological, geological, archaeological layers which reveal the interior structures of the earth. There are various sources used by Archaeologists and Paleo anthropologists to explore the interiors to learn about human evolution.
Sources used by the Archaeologists:
  • Fossils of ancient animals and humans.
  • Layers of soil.
  • Rocks with sediments.
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Fossil remains
Paleoanthropology: This is the branch of anthropology that enables researchers to study the evolution of humanity with the help of Fossil remains and archaeological records.
Australopithecines – the forefathers of humans
Australopithecines are early hominins and are strongly connected to the apes that are known to be inhabited in the areas of central, Eastern and southern Africa. It is believed that humans evolved from these hominins which became extinct some millions of years ago.
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Australopithecines to humans