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Marine Resources
Fishing is an important livelihood for a significant world population. Most of the seafood is from the oceans. Only a minuscule part is from the water bodies in the land.
The biotic and abiotic resources found in the oceanic water and at the bottoms are called Marine resources.
The Ocean's resources play a crucial role in satisfying the needs of human society. Marine organisms occupy a significant portion of human beings food basket. Apart from food, many marine organisms are also used as medicine, cosmetics, and for industrial applications. The world’s demand for energy, minerals and water have become increasingly dependent on abiotic marine resources.
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Conservation Of Marine Resources
With the increasing needs of the growing human population, the pressure on ocean resources is also increasing. So, the ocean resources are depleting at a very high rate. Though resources like fishes are replenishable, the rate at which the fishes are caught is very much higher than their replenishing (reproducing) capacity. Oceans are inevitable for the survival of humankind on the planet because humans are heavily dependent on ocean resources. Ocean resources are essential for economic growth, social-wellbeing and for leading a quality life. Oceans contains a rich oil reserve.
Ocean pollution
Besides serving as a major fishing ground, it also helps in generating non-conventional (renewable) energy, setting up trading ports and harbours to carry out economic activities like export and import of goods. Coastal tourism is an attraction for many people around the world, thereby contributing to the economy of many countries.