Indian Law on Migration:

The Indian government has been keeping a keen eye on the phenomena of migration and the rights of migrating people. It also enacted a few legislations that gave a proper framework for the governance of the migrants.

One of the important pieces of legislation that spoke about migration and its effects post the independence of the country is the “Emigration Act of \(1983\)”.
Emigration Act of \(1983\):

This legislation governed the issue of “Labour Migration”, which set up a hiring mechanism through which the migrants are recruited for jobs by government-certified agents.

The Act pressed some obligations on the recruiter to verify the due diligence of the employee.
A government review system regarding the travel and employer documents, also known as the “Emigration Clearances” was put in place.

The act mostly governed the Emigration clearances to countries located in South-East Asia and West-Asian Countries.
Indian Centre for Migration \((ICM)\):

The Indian Centre for Migration was set up in the year \(2008\) by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). It was earlier known by the name “Indian Council for Overseas Employment”.

It was established as a “Not-for-Profit” Organisation under the “Society Registration Act of \(1860\)”.

The Organisation performs analytical and research-oriented methods that help the government frame policies in the realm of “International Migration”.
CAMM: The Ministry of External Affairs had partnered with the European Union (EU) and issued a joint declaration, namely “Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility”.
It also serves as a think-tank that formulates long and medium-term strategies for the employment of Indians abroad.

Problems in Developing Countries:

Developing countries like India are facing a multitude of problems due to the incoming and outgoing migrants. When the sudden influx of migration takes place, it quickly alters the social structure of the place.

Problems such as spatial inequality, loss of employment, cultural conglomeration are some of the issues that cook up due to the immigrants.

Countries must make adequate arrangements to avoid the pressing problems caused due to migration by enacting and implementing legislation about migration.