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The Portuguese vs Spanish Rivalry:

The voyages led by the Portuguese and the Spanish sailors took them to various untouched territories of Africa and other Asian lands, where they halted and set up their camps and controlled the lands.

Economic rivalry and dominance in Seafaring activities became a tussle between the Spanish and Portugal sailors' counterparts.
Pope Alexander Vi: He was a Roman Catholic Priest who belonged to the “Borgia Family”. He drew an imaginary line in the Azores and declared the lands of the West go to Spain, and Portuguese get the Eastern lands.
The Voyage of Vasco da Gama:
Vasco Da Gama

Ancient Seafarers of Europe set on a voyage expedition in search of trade and territorial expansion in other parts of the world. The Portuguese, in particular, had an interest in the landscapes of South East Asia, which brought them closer to the lands of India.
In \(1498\), a Portugal trade merchant cum Sailor named Vasco da Gama set a voyage to explore a new trade route between the Europe and Indian subcontinent, where he was received by the ruler of Calicut Zamorin.

This trade advent of the Portuguese paved the way for the arrival of other European powers, including the British, which led them towards their Ideology of territorial expansion in later stages. 

The commodities of Pepper and spices attracted the European markets, which brought the traders and merchants of Europe towards India.
Ferdinand Magellan: \((1480 – 1521)\)
He was a Portugal explorer who set out from Spain and travelled towards the Western Part of the globe. He crossed many straits and treacherous parts of the Oceans to discover New lands of the globe.
Magellan Straits: Magellan crossed the Atlantic Sea and entered a strait that connected the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean, and the Strait was named after him. He was also the first sailor to sail through the Pacific Ocean, which he called “Mar Pacifico”.
His fleet reached the shores of the Philippines and reached Cebu, which he named after his King Phillip. Later the ship of Magellan reached Spain with the remaining crew and hence completed the “World’s First Circumnavigation”.

Magellan died in a clash among the locals where he was shot with the Poisoned arrow in \(1521\).