YaClass Bridge Course has a logo in the subjects. Teachers and students with Ya+ subscription can access it.

The logo opens up subjects like English and Mathematics.
Each subject has a list of weekly assignments to be completed by the students as sets.
Each assignment will have an essential theory and 3 practice exercises + 1 test.
The test will be administered by the teacher/coordinator on a weekly basis.
Reports of the test can be downloaded to get insights.
The bridge course follows a simple four step training method.
Accordingly each student gets a simple theory of a core concept.
To master the concept the student suppose to attempt 3 exercises in multiple times.
1 (Core concept) +3 (Exercises)+1 (Test)
Even if a student fails in the first attempt the student can learn the concept through solution steps and re-attempt it again and again till mastery.
The teacher can administer a test to evaluate the student progress.
The teacher can download the test report for further analysis.