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Robin McMaugh Klein is an Australian poet and writer. On \(28\) February \(1936\), she was born in Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia. She is predominantly considered a children's author who has blended deep thoughts into her poems.
She attended the New Castle Girls High School. She wrote and published her first poem at the age of sixteen. She had not started her career as a writer as she took up odd jobs initially. She had worked as a tea lady to nurse. Her experience as a bookshop assistant gave her insight into writing and the types.
She was awarded the Literature Board Grant for Writing in \(1989\), which motivated her to write more. Encouraged by the Grant, she published around twenty books. Amanda was one of her famous poems, for which she is still noted. She was given the CBCA Children's Book of the Year for books such as 'Hating Alison Ashley'. She is also noted for her novel 'Came Back to Show you I Could Fly'. It won a Human Rights Award for Literature. Some of her books were received and adapted as movies.
Her books were best selling in Australia and were shortlisted in the South Australian Festival for Literature. Even after reaching greater heights, she suggested that one should always evaluate their work and learn each day. "Consider yourself in a very long apprenticeship which will last all your life. Learn to stand back and evaluate your own work and see the flaws in it and improve things. Take yourself seriously as a writer in training, no matter what age you are. Set aside sometime each day to work".
Famous works by the poet:
  • Penny Pollard's Diary
  • Thing books
  • Junk Castle
  • Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left
  • Serve Him Right!