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Alliteration is the occurrence of the same sound at the starting of two or more words in a single line, in a poem.
  1. The slender smiling girl.
  2. The song of sweet birds.
  3. Black bug bit a bear.
  4. Practise the piano.
  5. Feel the phone on your face.
  6. Dandelion whose fuzzy head.
What are the uses of alliteration?

1. It creates a rhythm, similar to rhyming words.
2. It emphasizes the importance of phrases.
3. Mostly used in tongue-twisters.
Alliteration used in the poem "Fire and Ice":
  1. Some say the world will end in fire
  2. Some say in ice
  3. I hold with those who favour fire
  4. But if it had to perish twice