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Carl August Sandberg was born on January \(6\), \(1878\), in Illinois, U.S. He was an American poet, Editor, Journalist and Biographer. Carl adopted the name 'Charles' in his childhood. He had a pretty hard childhood, where he could not complete his education. He worked as a milkman and farm labourer initially to make both ends meet. He tried to get a degree from Lombard College, but he missed out on it as he had to work as a hotel servant. His writing career began when he initially contributed to the Chicago Daily News as a Journalist. This proved to be a turning point for him.
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Carl Sandberg*
Sandberg also volunteered to go to the Spanish American War, but he had to return without taking part in it. He moved back to work for a newspaper. He was politically involved as a member of the Wisconsin Social Democratic Party. He was also the secretary of the Mayor for a brief period of time. It was after all this that he joined the Chicago News Daily. This is where his career skyrocketed, and he was forever grateful for that.
Carl Sandberg is very famous for writing poems about Chicago. His love for the city made him give various descriptions for the city, such as 'Hot Butcher of the World', 'City of Big Shoulders' etc. He is also known for his 'Rootabaga Stories', which he created for his daughters but became a classic children's storybook. He has also written a biography of American president Abraham Lincoln. In \(1919\), Sandberg won a Pulitzer Prize for his 'Cornhuskers'.
Famous Works:
  • Cornhuskers
  • Smoke and Steel
  • Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years
  • Chicago Poems
  • The American Songbag
  • Good Morning, America