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     Grandma died in January 1942. No one knows how often I think of her and still love her. This birthday celebration in 1942 was intended to make up for the other, and Grandma’s candle was lit along with the rest.
The four of us are still doing well, and that brings me to the present date of 20 June 1942, and the solemn dedication of my diary.
Despite having surgery and receiving medication, Anne's grandmother passed away in January \(1942\). Nobody knows how Anne, who adored her grandmother dearly, was constantly reminded of her.
Due to her grandmother's illness, Anne's birthday celebration was not grandly celebrated in \(1941\), thus it was determined to make up for it next year. The next thing Anne writes is that she felt inspired to write her diary on June \(20\) because her family was doing so well.
The final line provides a hint that Anne's life will not be easy after that time.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
SolemnInvolving deep sincerity
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