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     I started right away at the Montessori nursery school. I stayed there until I was six, at which time
I started in the first form. In the sixth form my teacher was Mrs Kuperus, the headmistress. At the end of the year we were both in tears as we said a heartbreaking farewell.
     In the summer of 1941 Grandma fell ill and had to have an operation, so my birthday passed with
little celebration.
Anne joined in her first form, marking the start of her education journey, in a Montessori nursery school in Holland; and stayed there till she was six. 'First form' refers to first class in school.
And, in Anne's sixth form, she was taught by Mrs. Kuperus, who served as both her headmistress and teacher. Mrs. Kuperus and Anne both shed tears as they bid Anne farewell because of their strong bond.
Typically, when it's time to say farewell to our favourite person, the majority of us become anxious and frustrated. And the saddest part is that childhood age is when we lack the maturity to control our emotions in comparison to adults. The same thing had happened to Anne as well because she had grown so attached to Mrs. Kuperus that leaving her had made her feel quite sad as a kid.
And in \(1941\), Anne's grandma became unwell and underwent surgery shortly after, and so Anne's birthday passed with little celebration.
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