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     My father, the most adorable father I’ve ever seen, didn’t marry my mother until he was thirty-six and she was twenty-five. My sister, Margot, was born in Frankfurt in Germany in 1926. I was born on 12 June 1929. I lived in Frankfurt until I was four. My father emigrated to Holland in 1933. My mother, Edith Hollander Frank, went with him to Holland in September, while Margot and I were sent to Aachen to stay with our grandmother. Margot went to Holland in December, and I followed in February, when I was plunked down on the table as a birthday present for Margot.
The fact that Anne referred to her father as the most adorable man in the entire world must be a result of how much she loved him. At the ages of 25 and 36, respectively, Anne's parents were married. Her mother's name was 'Edith Hollander Frank' and sister's name was 'Margot'. Anne and Margot was born in Frankfurt in Germany.
Anne and her sister were born in the years 1929 and 1926, respectively. And Anne lived in Frankfurt for her first four years. And in 1933, Anne and her sister Margot were moved to Aachen to remain with their grandmother while Anne's parents travelled to Holland. Aachen was a city in Germany. And then Margot, Anne's sister, travelled to Holland in the same year in the month of December. Margot arrived there first, and Anne followed her in 1934, arriving in February. According to Anne, she was brought to Holland as a birthday present for Margot. The readers might be able to see how close and significant Anne was to her sister Margot from this statement.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
PlunkTo fall or drop abruptly
EmigrateTo leave one's own residence to settle elsewhere
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