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     To enhance the image of this long-awaited friend in my imagination, I don’t want to jot down the facts in this diary the way most people would do, but I want the diary to be my friend, and I’m going to call this friend ‘Kitty’.
     Since no one would understand a word of my stories to Kitty if I were to plunge right in, I’d better provide a brief sketch of my life, much as I dislike doing so.
In general, people would list out all formal things in their diaries when they start writing diaries, but, Anne did not want to do that. As Anne treated her diary as a close friend, she named it as 'Kitty'. This could mean how much intimacy she had toward her diary instead of talking to any human being. However, Anne did not want to write what was on her mind or how she felt at that moment without providing background information. Instead, she wanted to write down background details about herself. This is due to the fact that the author hoped that her diary would be read by someone later. As a result, Anne decided to give an introduction about herself when she began writing.
Indeed, it became true as, after Anne's death, the whole world read the diary of Anne, which was published by her beloved father.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Jot downTo write something
PlungeJumping into