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     Marriage gifts are meaningless without the sweet bread known as the bol, just as a party or a feast loses its charm without bread. Not enough can be said to show how important a baker can be for a village. The lady of the house must prepare sandwiches on the occasion of her daughter’s engagement. Cakes and bolinhas are a must for Christmas as well as other festivals. Thus, the presence of the baker’s furnace in the village is absolutely essential.
As bread is a core part of Goan culture, major Goan events cannot take place without sweet bread or bol. It is impossible to avoid using bread, especially when it comes to marriages. This highlights the importance of bakers in Goa.
Generally speaking, On the occasion of their daughter's engagement, the mothers made sandwiches, and cakes and bolinhas would be prepared during Christmas and other holidays. Therefore, it is clear how crucial having bread is to the Goan village.
Even now, bread can be seen in Goa on almost every restaurant menu. Goan Bread is eaten with spicy sauces, curries and seafood.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No
Feast A festival or a celebration
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