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     The baker or bread-seller of those days had a peculiar dress known as the kabai. It was a singlepiece long frock reaching down to the knees. In our childhood we saw bakers wearing a shirt and trousers which were shorter than full-length ones and longer than half pants. Even today, anyone who wears a half pant which reaches just below the knees invites the comment that he is dressed like a pader!
After talking about his childhood experiences as a bread-lover and the importance of bakers in Goa, the narrator began to discuss the typical dress style followed by Goan bakers. The narrator described how Goan bakers and bread sellers dressed peculiarly in a single-piece, long dress that reached their knees.
Additionally, he recalled that when he was a child, bakers wore half-pants that appeared to be shorter than the standard ones. As a result, if someone wears that length of trousers, people tend to comment about them, and he was made fun of for appearing like a baker.
Meaning of difficult words:
Peculiar Something strange or different
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