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The short story "Coorg" by Lokesh Abrol talks about a hill station named Coorg that is between Mangalore and Mysore. The narrator emphasises Coorg's natural beauty, resources, and plant and animal life in this story. He calls "Coorg" a place parted from heaven and has pointed out more convincing points as to why Coorg could be the best tourist spot in India and hence the soul and heart of India.
According to the author, Coorg is inhabited by brave warriors and pretty women. Coorg, also known as "Kodagu", is filled with coffee plantations. And the people of Coorg are believed to be of Greek or Arabic ancestry; they have friendly hospitality and are courageous.
Also, a significant south Indian river, the Cauvery, originates from the Coorg region, where Mahaseer fish is available. Along the river, it's common to see kingfishers, langurs, squirrels, and elephants, among other animals and birds. Adventure sports, including river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, mountain biking, rock climbing, and trekking, are popular in this place. Moreover, various species can be seen, including macaques, langurs, Malabar squirrels, and slender loris. The Brahmagiri hills, Nisargdham island, and Bylakuppe Tibetan settlements are the main tourist spots in Coorg. The author concludes his narration by saying, "Coorg" is the heart and soul of India.