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The lesson 'His First Flight' by Liam O'Flaherty revolves around the story of a little seagull who has just hatched. The seagull has brothers, a sister, a father and a mother. Once it was time for the fledglings to start flying, they were taken to the top of a cliff. When the seagull's siblings started flying by running fast to the end of the ledge and jumping down the cliff, thereby spreading their wings in the air, the poor seagull was taken over by fear and was not able to do so. It was reprimanded by both father and mother gull for not taking the initiative. The seagull felt guilty for disappointing them, especially since even the sister gull, who had shorter wings, was able to fly. The seagull's family flew around together and settled at the other end of the cliff with only a ridge between them. The seagull tried to draw attention as it was highly hungry. The mother gull took a scrap of fish and came near it but maintained a short distance. When the gull tried to reach the fish, it fell from the cliff and its natural instinct to fly was triggered, and he started flying. The entire family was overjoyed that the seagull had taken its first flight.