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The lesson 'His First Flight' by Liam O'Flaherty focuses on fear as a major factor that hinders one's progress and growth. The little seagull is scared to fly, even though it is a natural trait of all seagulls, as birds can fly as it is an inherent characteristic. The seagull is scared of the height and does not even try in the beginning. But fear can stop one from doing something as it is not the fear of the task itself that stops them, but rather it is the fear of failure. Similarly, the seagull was scared of the outcome and was worried as to what might happen if it fell instead of what might happen if it succeeds. But thanks to its mother's timely interference, it achieved success, as it took to flying once it was on the verge of losing everything. When one is pushed to the brink of a do-or-die situation, one always musters courage. The parents of the seagull were tough with it, making it sort things out on its own. They did not feed it, nor did they pay attention to everything that it did. When parents do everything and lay it right on the table, the children learn to be dependent on every little thing. In this case, the seagull flew finally, without any direct help from the parents, as it was only given the push or the guidance to do it.