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Nelson Mandela, the first black president of South Africa battled for the liberty of his people. In this excerpt, Mandela discusses "The Inauguration", a historical event. He goes into great depth in his book on the pains he had as a young man. Along with other black individuals, he experienced discrimination from white people. The energetic youngster thought about leaving his house to experience freedom. He desired to wed the woman of his choosing. But with time, he came to understand that independence has more value. He made the decision to free his own people. On May \(10\), \(1994\), he was able to realise the long-cherished dreams of the black people who had given their lives to uphold dignity for future generations. He paints two contradicting views of his nation: one in which black people were tortured and forced to suffer in silence, and the other in which they will be allowed to live free lives.