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The lesson "Hundred Dresses Part I" is written by Eleanor Estes. The story is about a young polish girl Wanda. The story opens with Wanda's classmates Peggy and Madeline making fun of her appearance and clothing. She had no friends and would always stay alone in school. Wanda came from Boggins Heights, and her feet were covered with dry mud, so she sat in one corner of the classroom. Tired of all the hurting remarks, she once claimed to have a hundred dresses and sixty shoes in her cupboard. Peggy and Maddie grew more curious about her claim and wondered why she wore the same dress to school if she had a hundred dresses in her closet. As time passed, Peggy and Maddie wouldn't ignore a chance to mock Wanda. Maddie was a poor girl and always disapproved of Peggy's teasing of Wanda. However, she was frightened that she could become the next target if she opposed it. Although Peggy's purpose was not to hurt Wanda unnecessarily, she was more interested in finding out why Wanda was lying when she said she had sixty pairs of shoes and a hundred gowns in her wardrobe. Meanwhile, everyone in the class participated in a drawing-and-colouring contest, and Maddie was certain that Peggy would take first place among the girls. A few days passed, and Wanda didn't come to school. But nobody noticed her absence. Soon the result of the competition was announced by Miss Mason, and everyone knew that Wanda Petronski had won the competition. Peggy and Maddie were astonished by seeing the painting of Wanda.