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“Peg!” she said, “let me see your picture.”
“What’s the matter?” asked Peggy, as they clattered up to her room where Wanda’s drawing was lying face down on the bed. Maddie carefully raised it.
“Look! She drew you. That’s you!” she exclaimed. And the head and face of this picture did look like Peggy.
“What did I say!” said Peggy, “She must have really liked us, anyway.”
“Yes, she must have,” agreed Maddie, and she blinked away the tears that came every time she thought of Wanda standing alone in that sunny spot in the school yard, looking stolidly over at the group of laughing girls after she had walked off, after she had said, “Sure, a hundred of them, all lined up.”
Finally, Maddie reached Peggy's house. She asked Peggy to show the picture which Wanda presented. After hearing that, Peggy asked her to tell her why she was in a rush. After that, both of them finally arrived in Peggy's room. Wanda's artwork was lying face down on the bed. Maddie then took it with care.
After taking the picture, Maddie told Peggy that Wanda had drawn the picture of Peggy. After telling her that, Maddie filled with excitement and again repeated that the face resembled Peggy. In addition, she said that the picture's face and head looked like Peggy's. After hearing that, Peggy asked what she would say. She finally agreed that Wanda liked both of them.
The face in the picture resembled Peggy's look

After hearing that, Maddie also agreed with Peggy's point. Maddie, whose eyes were filled with tears every time she recalled that scene where Wanda would look at the girls laughing at her. Also, whenever Wanda would say all the hundred dresses were lined up in the closet, the girls around her would laugh at her. Maddie feels empathetic while she recalls the incident.
From this lesson, one can understand Wanda, a polish girl, goes through the situation. While Wanda started imagining her situation, she couldn't control her sadness. At last, the picture revealed to them how Wanda loved them.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Blink Shut and open the eyes quickly
Stolidly Having or expressing little or unemotional
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