“Boy!” said Peggy, “this shows she really likes us. It shows she got our letter and this is her way of saying that everything’s all right. And that’s that.”
“I hope so,” said Maddie sadly. She felt sad because she knew she would never see the little tight-lipped Polish girl again and couldn’t ever really make things right between them.
She went home and she pinned her drawing over a torn place in the pink-flowered wallpaper in the bedroom. The shabby room came alive from the brilliancy of the colours. Maddie sat down on her bed and looked at the drawing. She had stood by and said nothing, but Wanda had been nice to her, anyway.
Tears blurred her eyes and she gazed for a long time at the picture. Then hastily she rubbed her eyes and studied it intently. The colours in the dress were so vivid that she had scarcely noticed the face and head of the drawing. But it looked like her, Maddie! It really looked like her own mouth. Why it really looked like her own self! Wanda had really drawn this for her. Excitedly, she ran over to Peggy’s.
After admiring the garlands and the lighting, Peggy called Maddie in a friendly way and said that she felt Wanda liked them. After telling her that, she told her she felt that Wanda had received their letter. Moreover, she told her that the response to the letter meant that she had forgotten everything.
After hearing that, Maddie replied that she also thinks the same. She then felt sad because she knew she would not see the tight-lipped polish girl again in her life. Also, she felt that things would never go right between them. It means that Maddie was hoping for Wanda to say sorry to her. But while reading the letter, she felt she would not see her in her life again. Both the girls went home.
Maddie pinned the drawing of Wanda over a torn place in the pink floral wallpaper in the bedroom. After pinning the drawing, the dull room became alive (here, in a sense, the room seemed beautiful). The different colours in the painting gave a different beauty to the room. Maddie then sat down on her bed and looked at Wanda's drawing. Then Maddie thought that whenever Peggy was making fun of her, Maddie stood and said nothing. Even though Maddie stood without helping Wanda, she behaved nicely to her. It shows the innocence and kindness of Wanda.
While thinking about Wanda's love for her, Maddie becomes emotional. Tears shed from her eyes, and she looked at them for a long time. She then hurriedly wiped her tears from her eyes and looked at the picture. The colours in the picture seemed intensely deep or bright. While looking at the colours, she scarcely noticed the face and head of the drawing. When she looked at the head and the face, it seemed like Maddie. The picture looked like her own mouth. Then she thought to herself why it looked like herself. After thinking that, she suddenly thought that Wanda had drawn the picture for Maddie. After knowing that, she ran over to meet Peggy.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Wallpaper A paper that is pasted in vertical strips over the walls of a room to provide a decorative surface
Shabby In poor condition through long use or lack of care
Vivid Very brightly coloured
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