Dear Miss Mason,
How are you and Room Thirteen? Please tell the girls they can keep those hundred dresses, because in my new house I have a hundred new ones, all lined up in my closet. I’d like that girl Peggy to have the drawing of the green dress with the red trimming, and her friend Maddie to have the blue one. For Christmas, I miss that school and my new teacher does not equalise with you. Merry Christmas to you and everybody. 
Yours truly,
Wanda Petronski
On the way home from school Maddie and Peggy held their drawings very carefully. All the houses had wreaths and holly in the windows. Outside the grocery store, hundreds of Christmas trees were stacked, and in the window, candy peppermint sticks and cornucopias of shiny transparent paper were strung. The air smelled like Christmas and light shining everywhere reflected different colours on the snow.
Wanda wrote the letter in a friendly way. In the letter, she enquired about the wellness of the teacher and the students in Room Thirteen. She then asked the teacher to tell the girls to keep the hundred dresses drawings with them. After telling them that, she said she had hundreds of dresses in her new home lined up in her closet.
Then Wanda mentioned that she wished to give the drawing of the green with the red trimming to Peggy. In addition, she also expressed her desire to give Maddie the blue one. In the end, she mentioned that she would miss everyone at Christmas. Also, she said that she was missing the school and as well as her old teacher Miss Mason. Moreover, she insisted that her new teacher could not be replaced in place of her old teacher. At last, she wishes merry Christmas to everyone.
While reading the above paragraph, one can understand that Wanda received the letter from Maddie and Peggy.
Maddie and Peggy held the drawing very carefully while going home. On the way from school to house, they enjoyed the Christmas decorations. Every home had holly and garlands in its windows. Hundreds of Christmas trees were packed outside the grocery shop. In addition, there were candy peppermint sticks and cornucopias (a symbol of plenty consisting of a goat's horn overflowing with flowers, fruit, and corn) of bright, shiny paper draped in the window. Also, the air smelled like Christmas eve. It means that the decorations, goods, garlands, and everything fulfilled a Christmas eve's complete fulfilment. Moreover, the light that beamed everywhere reflected many shades of colour on the snow.
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Meanings of the difficult words
Equalise Make the same in quantity, size, or degree throughout a place or group
Wreath An arrangement of flowers, leaves, or stems fastened in a ring and used for decoration or for laying on a grave
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