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CHUBUKOV: He got left behind because the Count’s whipper-in hit him with his whip.
LOMOV: And with good reason. The dogs are running after a fox, when Squeezer goes and starts worrying a sheep!
CHUBUKOV: It’s not true! My dear fellow, I’m very liable to lose my temper, and so, just because of that, let’s stop arguing. You started because everybody is always jealous of everybody else’s dogs. Yes, we’re all like that! You too, sir, aren’t blameless! You no sooner begin with this, that and the other, and all that... I remember everything!
LOMOV: I remember too!
CHUBUKOV: [teasing him] I remember, too! What do you remember?
LOMOV: My heart... my foot’s gone to sleep. I can’t...
Lomov insisted that Squeezer's delay in the hunt was due to the Count's dog biting him with his whip. Furthermore, Lomov told him that when other dogs were chasing a fox, Squeezer started chasing a sheep during a hunt, to which Chubukov replied that it wasn't true. Also, during the furious argument between Lomov and Chubukov, Chubukov objected and advised Lomov to end the conversation; and warned Lomov that if they kept arguing, Chubukov might lose his temper. Also, he said everyone was envious of other people's dogs. Furthermore, as Chubukov was fully aware of how Lomov would continue the discussion by bringing up various points, he told Lomov that he remembered everything, to which Lomov replied that he, too, did remember everything. On receiving such a reply, Chubukov teased Lomov, asking, "What did Lomov remember?'
Lomov's palpitations resumed during the conversation, causing him to experience a pounding heart and numb feet.
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