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NATALYA: Papa, tell us truly, which is the better dog, our Squeezer or his Guess.
LOMOV: Stepan Stepanovitch, I implore you to tell me just one thing: is your Squeezer overshot or not? Yes or no?
CHUBUKOV: And suppose he is? What does it matter? He’s the best dog in the district for all that, and so on.
LOMOV: But isn’t my Guess better? Really, now?
CHUBUKOV: Don’t excite yourself, my precious one. Allow me. Your Guess certainly has his good points. He’s purebred, firm on his feet, has well-sprung ribs, and all that. But, my dear man, if you want to know the truth, that dog has two defects: he’s old and he’s short in the muzzle.
LOMOV: Excuse me, my heart... Let’s take the facts. You will remember that on the Marusinsky hunt my Guess ran neck-and-neck with the Count’s dog, while your Squeezer was left a whole verst behind.
When Chubukov enquired about the reason for the argument between Lomov and Natalya, Natalya did not answer directly but questioned Chubukov as to which dog was the superior one (Squeezer or Guess). Lomov, on the other hand, posed a more pointed query to him as he asked Chubukov about the overshot status of his Squeezer. Chubukov said Squeezer was the best dog in the district, so it didn't matter if it was overshot.
Lomov asked Chubukov again whether his dog wasn't better since he did not like Chubukov's response. Although Guess has some positive traits, Chubukov noted that it has some flaws as well; as, Chubukov told him that Guess was old and had a small muzzle despite being purebred, stable on his feet, and with well-sprung ribs. As Chubukov refused to speak favourably of Lomov's dog, he started to list the evidence; the first example he cited was the Marusinsky hunt, in which Guess and the Count's dog engaged in a strong competition, but Squeezer lagged far behind.
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