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NATALYA: I’ve noticed that those hunters argue most who know least.
LOMOV: Madam, please be silent. My heart is going to pieces. [shouts] Shut up!
NATALYA: I shan’t shut up until you acknowledge that Squeezer is a hundred times better than your Guess!
LOMOV: A hundred times worse! Be hanged to your Squeezer! His head... eyes... shoulder...
NATALYA: There’s no need to hang your silly Guess; he’s half-dead already!
LOMOV: [weeps] Shut up! My heart’s bursting!
NATALYA: I shan’t shut up. [Enter Chubukov.]
CHUBUKOV: What’s the matter now?
Natalya made fun of Lomov, saying that those who dispute the most are the least knowledgeable. Lomov told Natalya to stop yelling and to be quiet as he began to experience palpitations. Insisting that her dog Squeezer was superior to his Guess, Natalya persisted in their argument and wouldn't want to give up the argument until he did. When Lomov argued that that couldn't be true and that her Squeezer was the worst and should be hanged, Natalya retorted that Guess was old and hence already half-dead. As his heart was racing, Lomov again begged Natalya to put her argument aside, but she refused. Chubukov entered and inquired about the topic of their quarrel once more as the argument progressed, and they (Lomov and Natalya) raised their voices in a yell.
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