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LOMOV: Never mind about my people! The Lomovs have all been honourable people, and not one has ever been tried for embezzlement, like your grandfather!
CHUBUKOV: You Lomovs have had lunacy in your family, all of you!
NATALYA: All, all, all!
CHUBUKOV: Your grandfather was a drunkard, and your younger aunt, Nastasya Mihailovna, ran away with an architect, and so on...
LOMOV: And your mother was hump-backed. [Clutches at his heart] Something pulling in my side... My head.... Help! Water!
CHUBUKOV: Your father was a guzzling gambler!
NATALYA: And there haven’t been many backbiters to equal your aunt!
When Chubukov made disparaging remarks about Lomov's family members, Lomov became agitated and replied Chubukov that Lomov's family members were all respectable people. He also mentioned Chubukov's grandfather's attempt at embezzlement, to which Chubukov retorted that the Lomov family is known for its craziness and insanity. After hearing his remarks, Natalya joined her father in shouting, "All, all, all!".
The conversation between Lomov and Chubukov had gotten to the point where they blamed their family members for their quarrel.
Once more, Chubukov claimed that Lomov's grandfather was a drunkard and said during the argument that Lomov's younger aunt had fled with an architect. Lomov retorted that Chubukov's mother had a hunchback and felt a pull on his side and head as he said this. He, therefore, requested help and water.
However, Chubukov and his daughter were so engrossed in their quarrel that they did not bother to assist Lomov and instead continued quarrelling with him, as Chubukov described Lomov's father as a greedy gambler and Natalya referred to Lomov's aunt as a backbiter and that no one could equal her level.
Meaning of difficult words:
Embezzlement  The offence of stealing cash or property even if you were supposed to take care of it
Guzzling Gambler Greedy gambler
Architect A person who designs buildings
Backbiter A person who criticises other people while they're not around
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