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LOMOV: My left foot has gone to sleep... You’re an intriguer....Oh, my heart! And it’s an open secret that before the last elections you bri... I can see stars... Where’s my hat?
NATALYA: It’s low! It’s dishonest! It’s mean!
CHUBUKOV: And you’re just a malicious, doublefaced intriguer! Yes!
LOMOV: Here’s my hat. My heart! Which way? Where’s the door? Oh I think I’m dying! My foot’s quite numb...
[Goes to the door.]
CHUBUKOV: [following him] And don’t set foot in my house again!
NATALYA: Take it to court! We’ll see!!
[Lomov staggers out.]
CHUBUKOV: Devil take him!
[Walks about in excitement.]
Lomov was so frustrated by Chubukov's and his daughter's constant arguments and irritated by their helplessness when his feet became numb. Then he called Chubukov a plotter and stated he suffered from heart discomfort. He also added that in the last elections, Chubukov was... He did not finish the sentence because he felt dizzy. He then searched for his hat to vacate the place.

Still, Natalya did not leave the debate; she described Lomov's actions as low, dishonest, and cruel, and Chubukov added that Lomov was a wicked, double-faced hypocrite!

Lomov did not dispute this time, instead looking for his hat and asking for directions to the entrance. He almost died because his heart was beating and his foot was numb. On his way home, Chubukov warned Lomov not to return to his house, and Natalya advised him to take the matter to court to show that they were not afraid.
Meaning of difficult words:
Intriguer A person who devises plots
Malicious Having or showing an intent to hurt someone
Stagger An unsteady walk or movement
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