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NATALYA: What a rascal! What trust can one have in one’s neighbours after that!
CHUBUKOV: The villain! The scarecrow!
NATALYA: The monster! First he takes our land and then he has the impudence to abuse us.
CHUBUKOV: And that blind hen, yes, that turnip-ghost has the confounded cheek to make a proposal, and so on! What? A proposal!
NATALYA: What proposal?
CHUBUKOV: Why, he came here to propose to you
NATALYA: To propose? To me? Why didn’t you tell me so before?
CHUBUKOV: So he dresses up in evening clothes. The stuffed sausage! The wizen-faced frump!
Since Natalya was furious with Lomov, she continued to reprimand him and said, "Lomov was a devil and an unreliable guy." Chubukov joined his daughter throughout, referring to Lomov as a "villain" and a "scarecrow."
Natalya was shocked that Lomov dared to humiliate them and claim ownership of their family's property (Oxen Meadows) in the first place. In the end, Chubukov revealed the true reason for Lomov's visit to their house to his daughter amid their talk. He told Natalya that he couldn't believe he had the audacity to ask his daughter to marry him. Unaware of the topic, Natalia enquired what type of proposal her father was referring to, to which Chubkov replied that Lomov had come to propose to her. Natalya was surprised to hear about Lomov's proposal and asked her father why he had not disclosed this reason before. But unaffected by her words, Chubukov chastised Lomov and expressed disgust at his boldness in arriving in evening attire.
The quarrel over Oxen Meadows broke out between them before Lomov could even make a marriage proposal to Natalya. They might not have gotten into such a heated dispute if that subject had never come up, and the families of Lomov and Chubukov would still have been friendly.
Meaning of difficult words:
Scarecrow A human-looking model placed in fields to scarecrows
Impudent Being impolite and disrespectful
Monster A large, frightening creature
Confound To cause surprise and confusion in someone
Wizen-faced Refers to an age sign of a thin, dried-out face
Frump A woman who is unattractive and is dressed in outdated fashion
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