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NATALYA: The Meadows are yours, yes, yours. Do sit down. [They sit] We were wrong.
LOMOV: I did it on principle. My land is worth little to me, but the principle...
NATALYA: Yes, the principle, just so. Now let’s talk of something else.
LOMOV: The more so as I have evidence. My aunt’s grandmother gave the land to your father’s grandfather’s peasants...
NATALYA: Yes, yes, let that pass. [aside] I wish I knew how to get him started. [aloud] Are you going to start shooting soon? 
LOMOV: I’m thinking of having a go at the blackcock, honoured Natalya Stepanovna, after the harvest. Oh, have you heard? Just think, what a misfortune I’ve had! My dog Guess, who you know, has gone lame.
NATALYA: What a pity! Why?
LOMOV : I don’t know. Must have got his leg twisted or bitten by some other dog. [sighs] My very best dog, to say nothing of the expense. I gave Mironov 125 roubles for him.
Natalya again assured Lomov that the Oxen Meadows were his and requested that he had a seat when he became perplexed by the change in her behaviour. She admitted her mistake and that she and her father were at fault. Natalya's kind words astonished Lomov, so he also tried to be cordial with her. He admitted to Natalya that Oxen Meadows was of little value, but he nevertheless claimed it out of principle.
Natalya, impatient enough to listen to Lomov, accepted it and shifted the topic to get him to bring up the proposal talk. He continued explaining things without recognising Natalya's concern; he repeated that his aunt's grandmother had given the land to the peasants of her father's family. After the harvest, he intended to look for the blackcock. Then he stated that his dog had problems walking properly, to which Natalya felt pity and asked how the dog had gone lame. Natalya expressed sympathy after listening to Lomov and inquired about how the dog had become lame. Lomov responded that he was unsure of the cause. Even so, he suspected one of the other dogs may have bitten or twisted its leg. It was his best dog, and he had paid a high price—\(125\)roubles—for it (1 Russian rouble is equal to 1.33 rupee). He deeply regretted it.
Meaning of difficult words:
Misfortune Bad luck
Sigh A long, deep breath
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