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CHUBUKOV: [yells] He’s coming, I tell you. Oh, what a burden, Lord, to be the father of a grown-up daughter! I’ll cut my throat I will, indeed! We cursed him, abused him, drove him out; and it’s all you... you!
NATALYA: No, it was you!
CHUBUKOV: I tell you it’s not my fault. [Lomov appears at the door] Now you talk to him yourself. [Exit.]
LOMOV: [Lomov enters, exhausted.] My heart’s palpitating awfully. My foot’s gone to sleep. There’s something that keeps pulling in my side....
NATALYA: Forgive us, Ivan Vassilevitch, we were all a little heated. I remember now: Oxen Meadows... really are yours.
LOMOV: My heart’s beating awfully. My Meadows... My eyebrows are both twitching....
Chubukov told her daughter of Lomov's arrival when he was returning to Chubukov's house, but he could not tolerate his daughter's strange behaviour. He considered being the father of a grown-up girl to be both a burden and a curse. Chubukov, therefore, wanted to cut his throat since, at one moment, they were cursing, abusing, and throwing Lomov out of their home, and at another, they were again summoning Lomov back to accept the proposal. Natalya had been abusing her father and had blamed him for everything. When Lomov knocked on the door, Chubukov informed him that it was not his fault and asked Natalya to face Lomov on her own and left the place.
Chubukov departed the place, and Lomov arrived completely worn out due to palpitation and numb feet. Natalya apologised to Lomov for the contentious argument she and her father had with him in an unexpectedly different tone. Furthermore, she informed him that she had just realised the Oxen Meadows were his, to which Lomov happily replied that his heart was thumping and his eyebrows were twitching while he tried to talk about the Meadows.
Meaning of difficult words:
Abuse To insult or speak to someone harshly
Exhausted Extremely tired
Twitching A short, sudden, jerking movement
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