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     Kisa Gotami repaired to the Buddha and cried, “Lord and Master, give me the medicine that will cure my boy.”
     The Buddha answered, “I want a handful of mustard-seed.” And when the girl in her joy promised to procure it, the Buddha added, “The mustard-seed must be taken from a house where no one has lost a child, husband, parent or friend.”
Kisa Gotami believed the physician's words and arrived at Buddha's residence full of hope to assist in her son's revival. She begged the Buddha to heal her son.
Buddha was aware of Gotami's predicament. He did not want to inform her that her kid had already passed away and that doing so would be useless. Gotami was in such a difficult circumstance that she could not accept her beloved son's death.
Buddha decided to let Gotami come to terms with reality on her own. So, he instructed her to collect a handful of mustard seeds to fix her dilemma. Gotami was delighted to hear such a simple request from Buddha because getting a handful of mustard seeds wasn't a big thing. However, Buddha did not end his demand there. He only asked for mustard seeds from a house where no one had ever lost a friend, spouse, child, or parent. Buddha made this request to Gotami to help her comprehend the truths about nature and the world, which would be further revealed in subsequent sessions.
Now, it's been understood why the stranger had sent Gotami to meet Buddha to sort out her problem.
Meaning of difficult words:
Procure To obtain something, especially with care and effort
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