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     Kisa Gotami had an only son, and he died. In her grief she carried the dead child to all her neighbours, asking them for medicine, and the people said, “She has lost her senses. The boy is dead.”
     At length, Kisa Gotami met a man who replied to her request, “I cannot give thee medicine for thy child, but I know a physician who can.”
     And the girl said, “Pray tell me, sir; who is it?” And the man replied, "Go to Sakyamuni, the Buddha.”
Buddha's first sermon dealt with "death" and how everyone must face it in life. During the time of Buddha, a woman named Kisa Gotami lived. She had just one son, who passed away one day. She fixed an illusory thought in her mind that her son was not dead and that he had some issues to fix to return to normal life. Moreover, she believed that with some form of drug, her son could be cured. She thought so because her mind could not believe that her son was dead as she was so deeply distressed and frustrated. So, with this belief entrenched in her mind, Gotami carried her dead child to her neighbours' homes and asked for medicine to bring her son back to life. Her neighbours believed she had gone insane because they could see that her son was already dead.
She spent a lot of time searching all day before finding a physician who gave her the name she could meet. He told her that perhaps he wasn't the right person to give her medicine, but when she pleaded with him to tell her who the doctor was, he responded, "Gautama Buddha." This gave Gotami some hope. It's because the stranger realised that only Gautama Buddha could aid Gotami with her condition after fully comprehending her predicament.
The word 'Shakyamuni' refers to one of the titles of Buddha.
Meaning of difficult words:
Grief Great sorrow especially caused by someone's death
Physician A person who cures physical or mental illness
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