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     “Of those who, overcome by death, depart from life, a father cannot save his son, nor kinsmen their relations. Mark! while relatives are looking on and lamenting deeply, one by one mortals are carried off, like an ox that is led to the slaughter. So the world is afflicted with death and decay, therefore the wise do not grieve, knowing the terms of the world.
There is just one result of death: it removes the person from the living world, i.e., the person stops existing. Death is beyond anyone's control; neither a father nor a relative's kin can assist in saving their loved ones. Death takes all mortals with it, leaving no one behind, much like an ox being carried to the slaughterhouse to be slain. Since no one could escape this, Lord Buddha described as wise the person who is aware of the truth but does not lament their loss.
So, Buddha's teaching emphasises that "death happens to everyone in life and that no one can save anyone from death; in fact, everyone should have to go through the same one day." It also implies that our body is a temporary shelter for the soul, which carries on its life after death in another realm known as the "heavens".
Meaning of difficult words:
Lament To express great sorrow or sadness for something
Afflict Cause trouble or pain to
Slaughter To kill many in a violent way
Decay The state or process of rotting
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