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     How foolish people are when they own valuable things, Horace thought. A magazine article had described this house, giving a plan of all the rooms and a picture of this room. The writer had even mentioned that the painting hid a safe!
     But Horace found that the flowers were hindering him in his work. He buried his face in his handkerchief.
     Then he heard a voice say from the doorway, “What is it? A cold or hay fever?”
     Before he could think, Horace said, “Hay fever,” and found himself sneezing again.
     The voice went on, “You can cure it with a special treatment, you know, if you find out just what plant gives you the disease. I think you’d better see a doctor, if you’re serious about your work. I heard you from the top of the house just now.”
Horace felt it to be a foolish thing to mention the details of that house in an article.  He called the house owners fools because they didn't anticipate how publishing the specifics of their home in a magazine may affect, as it might make it easier for criminals like Horace to plunder their belongings. It was because that article had even included the details about the safe hidden by a painting, along with the plan of all the rooms.
Well, this is what happens when some wealthy people want to display their materialistic things without giving them a second thought about how it would affect them.
Horace covered his face with his handkerchief since he was averse to the fragrance of flowers. Suddenly, he heard a voice near the doorway asking, "What is it?" he heard a voice inquire from near the doorway. "A cold or hay fever?" Horace sneezed again and replied to that voice that he had Hay fever, without even knowing who that voice belonged to.
The strange voice then continued and told him that he could cure it provided he knew which flower caused the allergy and that he should see a doctor if he wanted to be a good thief. Then the other person said that his sneezing could be heard from the top floor of the house.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
HinderTo make it more difficult to perform or move through a process or activity.
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