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     There was a great bowl of flowers on the table, and Horace felt his nose tickle. He gave a little sneeze and then put down his bag. He carefully arranged his tools. He had four hours before the servants returned.
     The safe was not going to be hard to open. After all, he had lived with locks and safes all his life. The burglar alarm was poorly built. He went into the hall to cut its wire. He came back and sneezed loudly as the smell of the flowers came to him again.
When Horace attempted to approach the safe, there were flowers on the table near him that made his nose tickle. The floral smell aggravated Horace's hay fever, and so he sneezed, and then he began assembling his tools in preparation for opening the safe.
For two reasons, Horace was not in a rush to steal anything from the safe. Firstly, he knew the servants would arrive in four hours. Secondly, because he was a lockmaker and had spent his entire life dealing with locks and safes, opening that safe would not be difficult.
He disconnected the cables of the house's burglary system, which was not well maintained in that house, after preparing the tools. He then returned to the kitchen and sneezed once again after smelling the flowers once more.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Burglar alarmA device fixed on a building which makes noise when someone enters the building illegally
ToolA piece of equipment to use with your hands for performing an activity
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