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     “Just leave it to me and you’ll have them within an hour. But I’ll have to break your safe.”
     “Don’t worry about that. My husband won’t be here for a month, and I’ll have the safe mended by that time.”
     And within an hour Horace had opened the safe, given her the jewels, and gone happily away.
     For two days he kept his promise to the kind young lady. On the morning of the third day, however, he thought of the books he wanted and he knew he would have to look for another safe. But he never got the chance to begin his plan. By noon a policeman had arrested him for the jewel robbery at Shotover Grange.

Horace was in a hurry to get out of the house, so he didn't have time to think about the woman's statements in depth. He was happy with the deal she had made and told her she could leave the challenge of getting the jewels from the safe to him. Horace had no trouble completing her obligations because he was a competent lock maker. He promised the stranger woman that he would get her jewels from the safe, but warned her that he would have to break the safe, which she agreed to; she also informed him that her husband would not be arriving in Grange House for another month and that she could make changes to the locker before he arrived.
Horace kept his word as he promised and unlocked the safe, giving her the jewels. He then happily returned home, thinking he had dealt with the matter without getting himself into trouble.
For two days, he kept his promise to the young lady. However, on the third morning of the Grange house theft, he thought of the books he needed and realised he'd have to find another safe. However, he was never given the opportunity to put his idea into action. By noon, he'd been arrested for the jewel theft at Shotover Grange.
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