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In the lesson "A Triumph of Surgery," James Herriot is a fascinating and essential character. As a veterinary veterinarian, he knew exactly what was causing Tricki's illness. Still, he didn't want to tell Mrs. Pumphrey since he didn't want to add to her worry. He appeared to be a nobleman with a compassionate nature who sympathised after seeing a sick dog exacerbated by its bad food habits. As an experienced veterinary doctor, he expected Tricki to become unwell as a result of its poor eating habits. And when things became worse, he didn't blame Mrs. Pumphrey for feeding Tricki unhealthy meals and failing to exercise him on a regular basis. Instead, he gently advised her that, given the situation, Tricki needed to be admitted to the hospital. Mrs. Pumphrey was likewise reassured by his assurance that Tricki will be cured shortly. Despite the fact that he did not follow Tricki's prescription, he kept an eye on him in the hospital and made plans to cure him. When Tricki was finally cured, he cheerfully returned it to Mrs. Pumphrey as promised.