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Mrs. Pumphrey is a pivotal character in the story "A Triumph of Surgery." She is a wealthy woman who raises a dog named Tricki. As a kind-hearted mistress, she felt sorry for Tricki when she tried to restrict his food intake, and so she quickly reversed her diet restrictions. She adores Tricki so much that she refuses to follow the dog's restricted diet, despite the doctor's recommendations. She was like a mother to Tricki, always providing him with additional food.
When Tricki appeared to be dull, she assumed it was due to malnutrition and provided him with additional food such as malt, cod liver oil, and a bowl of Horlicks. She was so taken with Tricki that she didn't realise his eating habits were a problem for him. Her sobs for her cured dog at the hospital revealed her affection for her pet. To summarise, Mrs. Pumphrey behaved as Tricki's mother throughout the story.