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'A Triumph of Surgery,' a story by James Herriot, makes the point that pampering someone will eventually lead to problems. The story opens with the narrator describing Tricki, a small, fat dog who belonged to a wealthy woman, named Mrs. Pumphrey.
Mrs. Pumphrey's love for Tricki was manifested in the form of malt, cod liver oil, and a bowl of Horlicks, as well as sweets and cream cakes.  As a result of his overeating, Tricki gained a lot of weight and eventually became ill. He stopped eating and started vomiting before becoming motionless.
Tricki was immediately hospitalised for fourteen days, as per the narrator's instructions. The narrator wanted Tricki to be away from Mrs. Pumphrey for a while because he knew the cause of Tricki's illness was overfeeding.
In the initial days after Tricki was admitted to the hospital, he was given only water and no food. Tricki was also not given any medical treatment at the surgery, although the narrator maintained a close eye on him.
What a marvel! Tricki began mingling and playing with the other dogs at the surgery on the third day of his arrival. His recovery was astounding, and he began to eat better. When Mrs. Pumphrey learned of this, she began sending Tricki eggs, wine, and even whisky to improve his health, all of which were enjoyed by the narrator and his colleagues.
Mrs. Pumphrey soon received a call from the narrator regarding Tricki's recovery. Tricki became an active, muscular dog at the time of Mrs. Pumphrey's arrival. When she arrived to pick up Tricki, she was so taken aback by her pet's quick recovery that she called Tricki's recovery 'A Triumph of Surgery.'