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     When I opened the door, Tricki trotted out and was immediately engulfed by Joe, the greyhound, and his friends. After rolling him over and thoroughly inspecting him, the dogs moved off down the garden. Tricki followed them, rolling slightly with his surplus fat.
     Later that day, I was present at feeding time. I watched while Tristan slopped the food into the bowls. There was the usual headlong rush followed by the sounds of high-speed eating; every dog knew that if he fell behind the others he was liable to have some competition for the last part of his meal.
Tricki's health was improving at a rapid speed. During the first few days, the narrator kept a close check on Tricki, though he did not offer it any special medicine or food. He preferred to provide only water to Tricki, which he believed was the only thing Tricki needed.
When the narrator opened the door in response to Tricki's bark, he was immediately swamped by Joe, a greyhound inside the hospital, and the other dogs. Greyhounds are known for their keen sense of smell and quickness Also, this line depicts Tricki's health and how it has improved without the use of medical therapy. After sniffing Tricki for the second time, the dogs walked into the garden, followed by Tricki. Tricki was then accepted as a member of the hospital's dog group and started playing with them, though his fat body was too heavy to do so.
After a few days at the hospital, the narrator decided to provide Tricki with food in addition to water. After deciding to do so, the narrator instructed Tristan, the hospital staff, to give food for Tricki; and while Tristan was busy giving them with food, the narrator observed them (all dogs) eating their food, particularly Tricki. All of the dogs were eating rapidly because they knew that if they didn't, the other dog would come over once he finished his meal and eat their dinner. Tricki was not in the condition to eat when he left Mrs. Pumphrey's residence, nor did he appear to be energetic. However, things changed for Tricki after it entered the narrator's hospital.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
InspectTo check something in great detail
Moved off Starting to move away from a place
Headlong Without any pause or delay
LiableLikely to do something
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