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     At the surgery, the household dogs surged round me. Tricki looked down at the noisy pack with dull eyes and, when put down, lay motionless on the carpet. The other dogs, after sniffing round him for a few seconds, decided he was an uninteresting object and ignored him.
     I made up a bed for him in a warm loose box next to the one where the other dogs slept. For two days I kept an eye on him, giving him no food but plenty of water. At the end of the second day he started to show some interest in his surroundings and on the third he began to whimper when he heard the dogs in the yard.
Tricki and the narrator arrived at the hospital. There appeared to be some dogs already in the hospital. As soon as the narrator and Tricki arrived at the hospital, the other dogs surrounded them. Tricki looked at each of them, and when he was placed on the carpet by the doctor, he was unable to move since he was weak. The other dogs sniff at Tricki and thought he was an uninteresting creature, and that waiting for him was useless because he did not move or react. The narrator then made a bed in a warm box for Tricki alongside the other dogs, as he felt none of the possessions of Tricki, like his beds, coats, etc., were necessary.
The narrator fed Tricki with plenty of water and nothing else for two days, knowing that overfeeding was the source of his problems. Apart from water, no food or medicine was given to Tricki as the narrator believed it would help Tricki in his recovery. And what magic! It worked out.
Tricki began to improve quickly from his sick state, and on the second day, he began to show an interest in the new surroundings he was in, and on the third day, he began to bark to let the hospital staff know that he wanted to go out like other dogs.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.WordsMeaning
SurgeryA doctor's office where you go to be examined
Motionless Without any movement
SniffTo smell someone or something
Whimper To cry or make low sounds
YardA piece of land around a building or buildings, especially a garden
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