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     The entire staff was roused and maids rushed in and out bringing his day bed, his night bed, favourite cushions, toys and rubber rings, breakfast bowl, lunch bowl, supper bowl. Realising that my car would never hold all the stuff, I started to drive away. As I moved off, Mrs Pumphrey, with a despairing cry, threw an armful of the little coats through the window. I looked in the mirror before I turned the corner of the drive; everybody was in tears.
     Out on the road, I glanced down at the pathetic little animal gasping on the seat by my side. I patted the head and Tricki made a brave effort to wag his tail. “Poor old lad,” I said. “You haven’t a kick in you but I think I know a cure for you.”
In these paragraphs, the narrator described how Mrs. Pumphrey's house was in disarray at the time of Tricki's departure. All the staff at Mrs. Pumphrey's house were roused, and the servants were given instructions to pack Tricki's possessions. Tricki's belongings included his day bed, his night bed, favourite cushions, toys, rubber rings, breakfast bowl, lunch bowl, and supper bowl. Tricki's possessions were packed as if he were a child for his hospital stay. 
The narrator rushed out of Mrs. Pumphrey's house when he realised his car wouldn't be able to fit all of Tricki's possessions. Mrs. Pumphrey was seen crying despondently as the narrator was leaving, throwing a large number of Tricki's coats into the car. The narrator saw that everyone was crying, not just Mrs. Pumphrey, as the car was leaving. As a result, the narrator was able to recognise Tricki's significance in Mrs. Pumphrey's home. Despite the fact that the events that occurred in Mrs. Pumphrey's home appeared to be too much for a dog, the narrator could see the rich lady's affection for her childlike dog.
He patted the helpless, sick dog, who wiggled his tail in response. The narrator was aware that Tricki was exhausted and appeared to be weaker due to a lack of energy, but he was hopeful that he might help him (Tricki) regain his previous (healthy) state.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
RouseTo wake up someone
DespairingRefers to a hopeless feeling
Glance To have a quick look at something
Pathetic Causing a feel of sadness
GaspingRefers to a difficult breath
WagTo shake in all directions
LadRefers to a boy or a young man
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