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     I had made my plans in advance. The only way was to get Tricki out of the house for a period. I suggested that he be hospitalised for about a fortnight to be kept under observation.
     The poor lady almost swooned. She was sure he would pine and die if he did not see her every day.
     But I took a firm line. Tricki was very ill and this was the only way to save him; in fact, I thought it best to take him without delay and, followed by Mrs Pumphrey’s wailings, I marched out to the car carrying the little dog wrapped in a blanket.
As previously stated, the narrator anticipated Tricki's illness. The author planned a method to cure Tricki's condition ahead of time, knowing that Tricki would become ill again. The narrator believed the only way to get Tricki healthy was to get him out of Mrs. Pumphrey's house for some time, since he knew he would always be pamphered and overfed by her. Notwithstanding this, the narrator did not tell Mrs. Pumphrey directly about it.
Instead, the narrator recommended that Mrs. Pumphrey admit Tricki to the hospital and keep him under observation for two weeks. Mrs. Pumphrey was taken aback by the narrator's proposal, and she nearly fainted when she heard it. It's because she couldn't be without seeing her beloved pet.
On the other hand, she was certain that Tricki couldn't be without her and that if he didn't see her every day, he would almost die. The narrator, on the other hand, was determined to not let Mrs. Pumphrey handle Tricki or even see him in the hospital until he was cured. Mrs. Pumphrey's love for her dog would aggravate his illness, which is why the narrator made such a resolution. That was the only option, he told Mrs. Pumphrey, for Tricki was seriously ill.
In addition, the narrator reasoned that it would be best to prevent any unnecessary delays and get Tricki to the hospital as quickly as possible. Even though Mrs. Pumphrey was crying since she didn't want her dog to leave her, he took the dog, wrapped him in a blanket, and put him in the car. It appeared that the situation was a mother-son split.
Meaning of difficult words:
S. No.
Fortnight Two weeks
SwoonTo lose consciousness
BlanketA bed covering
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