Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, also known as K.A. Abbas was born on \(7\) June in Panipat, Punjab, in \(1914\). He was an Indian film director, screenwriter, and novelist. He worked as a journalist in Urdu, Hindi and English languages.
Abbas studied at Hali Muslim High School, established by his great grandfather, Hali. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature in \(1933\). After graduating, he went to Aligarh Muslim University to complete his Bachelor of Law degree.
Some of his important books are,
  • Not all lies (\(1945\))
  • Blood and stones and other stories (\(1947\))
  • Rice and other stories (\(1947\))
  • Kashmir fights for freedom (\(1948\))
  • The Black Sun and other stories (\(1963\))