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The lesson "Bholi" was written by K. A. Abbas. The story is about a young girl named Bholi. When she was an infant, she fell from her cot, which caused severe brain damage. She was also affected by smallpox, and the ugly scars ruined her beauty. Her parents were concerned about how to arrange for her to get married when she grew up. One fine day, Tehsildar Sahib had come to perform an inaugural ceremony of a primary school for girls in the village. He told Ramlal to send his daughters to school. Ramlal discussed the matter with his wife, who disagreed but decided to put Bholi in school later. Initially, Bholi felt uneasy about going to school, and due to her class teacher's caring, she started loving to go to school. Many years passed, and Bholi received a marriage proposal. Bishamber Nath, the prospective groom, was an elderly man with a disability. The marriage day had arrived, and when the groom was about to put on the garland, he saw Bholi's face. The groom was shocked to see the pockmarks on her face and refused to marry her without a dowry of five thousand rupees. Bholi's father, Ramlal, somehow arranged the amount and gave it to Bishamber Nath. When the groom was about to put the garland, Bholi refused it. All the wedding attendees were stunned to see how confidently she spoke without stammering. Later, everyone scolded her; Bholi then assured her father that she would take care of him and her mother in their old age. Looking at the events, Bholi's teacher felt a deep sense of relief and satisfaction at Bholi's courage and confidence she exhibited in front of so many people.