OMEGA: (to Iota and Oop) He says we’re in a refreshment stand.
OOP: Well, the Earthlings certainly have a strange diet.
THINK-TANK: That item in your hand is called a sandwich.
OMEGA: (nodding) A sandwich.
IOTA: (nodding) A sandwich.
OOP: (taking book from his head) A sandwich?
THINK-TANK: Sandwiches are the main staple of the Earth diet. Look at it closely. (Omega squints at the book.) There are two slices of what is called bread, and between them is some sort of filling.
OMEGA: That is correct, sir.
After listening to Think-Tank, Omega conveyed his reply to Iota and Oop that they were in a refreshment stand, to which Oop replied that the creatures on Earth had a strange diet. Oop's reply here reflects his analytic skills.
Think-Tank confirmed that the name of the strange thing (book) was 'Sandwich', to which all the other two crew members except Oop agreed and murmured among themselves that it was 'A Sandwich'. He also told them that sandwiches are the main staple of the Earth's diet.
Think-Tank also justified them by explaining that there were two slices of bread (when a book is divided into two parts while opening them) and that in between was the filling, to which Omega replied, "correct". These lines prove to be an example of Think-Tank's act of convincing his crew members. Moreover, the above sentences demonstrate the idiocy of Think-Tank and the crew members, except Oop, as they did not raise any questions and accepted what their leader said.
Meaning of difficult words:
SquintTo look at something with one or two eyes partly closed
Strange Something unusual
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