OOP: I haven’t a clue. I’ve been to seven galaxies, but I’ve never seen anything like this. Maybe they’re hats. (He opens a book and puts it on his head.) Say, maybe this is a haberdashery!
OMEGA: (bowing low) Perhaps the Great and Mighty Think-Tank will give us the benefit of his thought on the matter.
THINK-TANK: Elementary, my dear Omega. Hold one of the items up so that I may view it closely. (Omega holds a book in the palm of her hand.) Yes, yes, I understand now. Since Earth creatures are always eating, the place in which you find yourselves is undoubtedly a crude refreshment stand.
Not only Omega and Iota, but Oop, who had travelled to seven galaxies, had no idea what those weird objects (books) were. But he had a feeling that those unusual objects (books) were hats. He then opened the book and placed it on his head, claiming that it must be one of men's clothes or accessories. Since none of the three crew members could figure out what those unusual things (books) were, Omega bowed his head to Think-Tank and asked him to explain what they were and where they had landed on Earth.
Think-Tank did not hesitate to respond to Omega, telling him to hold that weird thing (book) and show it to Think-Tank so that he could see it well and tell them what it was. After viewing the book, Think-Tank told Omega that it was a refreshment because the creatures on Earth, according to him, were usually busy eating.
Meaning of difficult words:
Refers to a collection of stars and planets held together by gravity
HaberdasheryRefers to men's clothing and accessories/Small items used in sewing
Refreshment Refers to a snack or drink
Crude In a raw or natural state
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