NOODLE: (speaking into a microphone) Mars Space Control calling the crew of Probe One. Mars Space Control calling the crew of Probe One. Come in, Captain Omega, and give us your location.
OMEGA: (speaking into a disk which is on a chain around her neck) Captain Omega to Mars Space Control. Lieutenant Iota, Sergeant Oop, and I have arrived on Earth without incident. We have taken shelter in this (indicates room) — this square place. Have you any idea where we are, Lieutenant Iota?
IOTA: I can’t figure it out, Captain. (holding up a book) I’ve counted two thousand of these peculiar items. This place must be some sort of storage barn. What do you think, Sergeant Oop?
Noodle attempted to call the crew for an update after noticing they had arrived on Earth. To begin with, Noodle inquired about their landing spot, to which Captain Omega responded that he, Lieutenant Iota, and Sergeant Oop had arrived safely on Earth. However, they had no idea what to make of the location, which appeared to be in the shape of a square.
Lieutenant Iota, like the rest of the crew, had no idea where they had landed. In addition, he stated that they come across about 2000 odd stuff in that square-shaped location.
The Mars crew eventually ended up at a library, as mentioned in the scene 2 setup, but they had no idea what a library was, which will be revealed in the upcoming section. And 'books' was the strange thing they were talking about inside the library.
Meaning of difficult words:
IncidentRefers to unexpected or unpleasant thing
BarnA large building used for storing something
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